The art of comics

Comics have become popular during the 18th century. There are some of those books in archives, now worth a ton of money.  I like to describe a comic book artist as “a creative genius’

Because the artist not only must draw the art work but also get creative with the story narration. A creative director will be responsible for putting together the art work and story, making sure it is appealing to the demographics being targeted.

Here’s a link to the comic book prices in the US

As you can see, these books were sold at just $0.10 in the 60’s.  My aunt gave me a few of these books back when I was 18 and I am thinking of putting them up on auction with eBay. I would like to know your thoughts on this. Any suggestions are also welcome.

I know for a fact that readers are really passionate about these books and you can see this from the online forums. It’s a tight knit community, it’s a kind of ora.  Some communities meet in farmhouses, holiday apartments, and hotels to read and talk about comics. A group from New York Comic Factory recently went to Sicily for a week to just read comics and relax in Sicily as well. They stated at